Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to my Website. Here, you can find more about me, my work, and how to contact me. I hope you find it useful, and I encourage you to get in touch if I can be of service.

I’m honored to represent Springfield, District 12, in the Oregon Legislature. The 2019-2020 session was my fourth as your elected representative. I have a long history of living and serving in my district and look forward to continuing to work on behalf of constituents here in Salem.

This session I served as Chair of the Economic Development Committee, served on the Joint Committee on Student Success, the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, the House Committee on Behavioral Health and the House Committee on Natural Resources. In addition I continued to serve on the DMV update transition oversight committee and the Road User Fee Task Group.  All of these provide me the opportunity to speak directly on behalf of my constituents and ensure your concerns are considered as new legislation is drafted. I am committed to being present every day we are in session to ensure your concerns and priorities are heard.

Thank you again for your faith in my public service. I hope that by working together we can make Springfield and Oregon an even better place to live, work, and raise our families.